Coming from a punk rock garage band, Beaker always had a love for music. The drive that started his journey into hip hop came when the band he was in split up. That fueled him to think of a way where he alone could perform . He found his path by rapping. Optimism took hold of Beaker in a blinding way that made him want to be a bit louder then his band was. He started writing and free styling in a unique way to earn his round of applause. Shunning sex, violence, money, and profanity he magnified the soul, faith, and seeking self enlightenment.

As time flew by Beaker stopped writing and free styling because it seemed to be a form of personal poetry that was based in spirituality which not everyone was a fan of. His open minded views were too much for some. He later got in contact with friends he had gone to school with, RudySamA and Upr!ze. With recording equipment they brought to the table , it tested Beakers witts. The foundation of Xydewayz8 had begun. Through time RudySamA and Roo$kie thought of the unique way to spell “sideways8” because beaker knew the group name was already taken by other artists. Spelling it as “XYDEWAYZ8” shows how creative we can be. As a founding member of XYDEWAYZ8 beaker brings more to the table than just music. He also screen prints the merchandise and takes amazing photos. Recently he has taken on the task of filming as well.

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