Music has always been a part of upr!ze’s life.

Since a young buck music has always made him feel emotionally connected.

inspiration for upr!ze came from rock and hip hop. Bands like blink 182 , three doors down , linkin park , as well as hip hop legends such as big l , Tupac , the notrous B.I.G where amongst his favorites as an adolescent. Underground rap icons non phixion , Ill bill , Jedi mind tricks , jus allah ,as well as 50 cent , Kanye west , ymw melly , Lil tjay , polo g , future , lil baby , and zapp and Rogers helped mold his current style of music.

 After dropping out of high school and with no job he Linked up with child hood friend RudySamA through a mutual friend known as Merks after a long separation due to not being stable and moving too different locations. The three pals all loved music. They began to freestyle and fell in love with the word play. They all had the same passion. Upr!ze then realized that he wanted to do more than just dream. He took out a simple home Studio on credit which then started Xydewayz8, a hip hop group that later evolved into a music collective. With time He upgraded his studio and then gave his old studio to RudySamA which opened the door to a lot of recordings and projects to be made.

Potent sky’s is his most recent project. Potent sky’s is a reflection of the unpredictable cloud movement and the changes it formed. It Symbolizes how life changes . Every song was created based off what was happening in his life. His next project will be called love poems and street medicine. The leading single with drops sometime in march 2020. 

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