RudySamA is a songwriter/producer/engineer with roots in hip hop but with a long range of genres under his belt of mastery. He began his curiosity for music with a different allies (sqwrt nastie) before evolving into his current incarnation. From cloud rap to boom bap, from indie rock to experimental new wave he refuses to be stuck in a box. Dabbling in the world of cell phone app based battle rap he soon grew the confidence to pursue music full time instead of only having fun with it. His debut as RudySamA came in 2018 with an e.p called “love you”. This cloud rap early project was filled with both conscious word play and catchy lyrics.  His follow up was a collection of older tracks that he released with his aforementioned alias “Sqwrt Nastie” and other names he went by such as “Droop Coofee/El Zombie Droop” and “Pope Galactic” . This project was called “Relics” and caught the attention of the Southern California underground hip hop scene. The following year he dropped “Love You 2” the sequel to his debut project. This also was well received and was the first album that he produced all of the instrumentals that were featured. In June of 2019 he announced a surprise project in the works saying it was going to be a different genre from his work thus far. In July of that same year a press release was put out saying he would drop his first indie rock e.p titled “Summer Seduction” . As the year went on he dropped a final single called “mush” which details how he fell in love with one of his best friends and chose to drift away because she couldn’t love him back. 2020 only seen four singles dropped. “Clubcool” , a song about a Reddit chat room, “make through it through this” , a song about using peace of mind to get through the covid 19 pandemic, “coolin” , a song about not stressing and “Franklin Richards” a song that is left up to interpretation. For years now his highly anticipated third e.p known as “love you three” has been teased. With lyrics being even more cryptic than ever RudySamA has only dropped singles instead of full length projects in 2021. “Based” A song about being yourself (with very esoteric double meanings) featuring lil b being the first, “how it a arose” a song about romantic attraction was the second and his latest single “Victoria” , a song about unconditional love. The pattern of his works are still very much so interconnected and now it is up to the audience itself to figure out what’s next. Clues have been left for those who are willing to follow the rabbit down its hole.

5 thoughts on “RudySamA

  1. I love this guys music ! Greetings from Norway 🇳🇴 🖤🖤

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  2. 🔥🎶💯 love you 2 is my favorite album from you

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  3. When did you guys reboot the site? This looks a lot more professional nice move

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  4. I hope Summer seduction is chill keep it bruv

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  5. Been rocking with this cat ever since I found his music On Spotify about a year ago. Dudes hella talented.


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