The origin and history behind xydewayz8



XYDEWAYZ8 is a group of hip-hop artist, producers, music engineers, photographers, and film makers. The group began in early 2012 after smoke sessions became studio sessions. A pass time turned into a way of life when rather than trying to be like “normal” society XYDEWAYZ8 decided to make there own love filled lifestyle. After years of soul searching they came across there own individually based connections with God, art, and self expression. Every member has a different belief and lifestyle yet are connected through art and a positive outlook on the reality we live. Via meditation some have encountered peace, while others by living life as they please. They are all very much engulfed in southern California’s cannabis scene and have been for years. How ever some of XYDEWAYZ8’s members do not smoke. This does not stop them from taking part in the scene as it surfaces form the underground into mainstream american culture. There message is simple, Love. Love the one you got, yet do not be afraid to defend what is yours for that is the ultimate sign of love. In short this is a group of fun loving artist who choose to only spread positive energy. The groups current members are lil phantom, golden galo, uprize, emcee p-nutty, murx, sqwrtnastie, droop, rooskie, beakerism, pope galactic, duck beats, kilo fresh, jyxvey, baby crim, blown, exon. This is only our fist chapter however. Life has set many twists and turns that has shaped our path.

 (Emcee Pnutty on the left with Lil Phantom on the right)

On January fourth 2015 Lil Phantom A.K.A Josh Aron Morales passed away while making music all night with one of his best friends and fellow XYDEWAYZ8 founding member Emcee Pnutty.  Josh was a beat producer and had just started rapping. His loss was of great significant since we lost a soul that will never be replaced. On the day of his funeral he was buried to the sounds of our first album called Spaceship Timemachine . We will forever keep him in our hearts. After we struggled to keep the ball rolling since we did not want to seem as if we used such a heavy loss to catapult our music careers. That same year Rooskie lost one of her best friends in an unrelated event. Our group needed to be strong and not focused on music. A short e.p with old songs that had been cut from our first album was dropped called The Crum E.P followed by an even shorter project made by Uprize and Sqwrtnastie called Ripple Effect. We took a break from making music for a bit. It took us almost a year and a half to release another full length album we called Religion  Is What You Make it.

(Album cover for religion is what you make it)


When we transitioned back into making music it was on a deeper level. We cared less about promotion and more about making music to ease our souls. Golden Galo and Emcee Pnutty took the loss of Lil Phantom pretty hard and Rooskie also was left in a deep sorrow after the passing of her close friend. The time frame that was 2015-2016 was a difficult period for all of us. In the end we made it out stronger than ever imagined. This was what made us into a family. In this time frame Murx moved to northern California  to get his life back together. Jharvy continued his time in the Army. Uprize moved from Hemet Ca to the San Fernando valley with his pregnant wife and kid. Baby krim and his girl friend had a pair of twins while Emcee Pnutty and Josh’s cousin Beverly had a baby girl. Beakerism went further in his journey to put his clothing brands and sense of fashion to work. Golden Galo and Rooskie mourned there fallen friends and searched for themselves leading to them both getting back with there ex girlfriends. Sqwrtnastie now known by his birth name Rudy pushed many of his friends away leading him to go legally 51-50 after a stay at a mental hospital. Exon remained dedicated to his life at home. Blown spent most the year in prison and in county jail. With in all these life changing events two more members joined the group. 

(Back row from left to right Golden Galo, Rudy, Duck Beats, Rooskie, Beakerism. Front row from left to right Uprize, Murx)

The new members, Kilo Fresh who had just moved back to town (perris ca) and Duck Beats who was mastering the art of producing and beat making brought a sense of ambition that flourished into more projects with broader horizons. Our next project was in the works from late 2016 into early 2017, It was to be called The High life. As 2017 began we finally hit the stage promoting our lifestyle to a wider audience. On 4-20-2017 The High Life was officially released. This was our biggest success thus far. We finally decided to let the world find out who we are with our most downloaded single thus far in and album called First Chapters : Greatest Hits Vol. 1. If you pay close attention to this album our story is told in a very subtle way.  That is how our story began. Now we have decided to make this a platform. Our stage is set.  Our energy is made to enjoy no matter what vibe you feel. Bask in our humble art, let it take you where you need to go. Take a listen for yourself.  


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